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Week 6 (part 2): Day - To - Day Painting

“If you carry joy in your heart, you can heal any moment.” Carlos Santana

In addition to the Day - To - Day Painting I am discussing in these blogs, I have another daily practice. Each morning, I look around myself, wherever I am, and identify of some beauty revealed by the #morninglight, Then I take a photo and I post that to Instagram along with some words of encouragement for the viewer to pause for a moment and find the beauty that surrounds us. I have blogged about this process hereThis practice has become very important to maintaining a positive attitude. Tuning in to the beauty that surrounds me, whether it be natural or just how the light plays over items in my kitchen, enriches my soul and sets my mind on beautiful things..I would say it brings me joy that I can hold onto. ​In the very beginning of August I was still working through pain, but I was also healing. The painting I completed on August 3 was made up of marks of varying sizes and saturated with color. This field of color reminded me of foliage and flowers. The memories of gardens I had been to kept me company as I was confined to my living room.

“Find ecstasy in life: the mere sense of living is joy enough.” ​Emily Dickinson

As I continued making these paintings everyday, I noticed that I had tapped into some childhood joy, Mind you I didn't always "feel like" working,..... but once I began, the focus and process fed my spirit. ​This piece completed on August 5, 2019 is similar to the one remembering foliage and flowers in a garden, posted above. This one has much more air, I find it to be more lyrical, more poetic, more joyful.

“Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day". Henri Nouwen”

After I posted the painting completed on August 5 on Instagram, one artist friend commented that the colors were dancing. I think that is even truer of this piece completed on August 6.

I encourage you to commit yourself to taking a moment each day to focus your attention on the beauty that is around you. It doesn't take long to look and see. Then, notice how it lifts your spirits. Then, be grateful and go about your day. Choose Joy!

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