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I have not written a blog is quite a while. I've been posting daily photos to Instagram, and writing short reflections there. However, I just had a good sized exhibit (38 paintings) of work that spanned 2 years work. I would like to provide those who could not make it to my recent exhibit with a view of some the paintings and a copy of my artist statement. Viewing the images on a computer screen will never replace the experience of viewing the work in person, still I hope you enjoy this view. I am a painter and have practiced daily meditation for more than 30 years. My personal meditation practice has defined the way I view the world and affected my approach to painting. I am seeking to use my paintings to allow the viewer to experience calmness, peace and energy, just as they might from practicing meditation. My objective is to draw the viewer to step away from their daily life and to be fully present to an internal peace while in front of the canvas. I seek to communicate with the viewer by appealing to curiosity and an attraction to the lovely, to the peaceful. There are two series represented in this show, each series seeks to present a visual metaphor for a state of being.

In the first series, the paintings are a more direct representation of everyday experiences of the sky or clouds or water. These invoke a sense timelessness, and tap into our collective consciousness via common experiences. I have chosen to reconstruct familiar spatial appearances, informed by the common experiences of weather and environment in order to evoke shared human emotions such as peace, joy, sorrow, and ecstasy and to engage the emotions of the viewer directly. The reaction to sunny days or rainy days is universal.

The second series focuses on celestial occurrences, through these paintings which express both a transcendence of light and fragility of form I am expressing the interior journey, the transitional state in which we all participate.

In these paintings, there is an absence of defined forms. The absence invites the presence. The forms and structure are insinuated. The viewer actively participates in the creation of the presence which is called forth in each painting.

My focus is never on reproducing realistic representation of clouds and atmosphere, but rather on the interplay between colors and light and shadow, which has a direct and deeper emotional impact on the viewer.

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