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I've looked at Clouds

Instead of trying to reproduce exactly what I see before me, I make more arbitrary use of color to express myself more forcefully Vincent van Gogh

I look at the sky.... a lot. This summer the clouds have been particularly impressive. I have taken a lot of pictures of them and decided to start a series of cloud paintings. Now, this is a departure for me, I do not try to represent the world around me in paintings. Rather I use my observations and sensations as a source for the creative work of painting. That is, I try to process the experience and recreate my reaction. To sit down and try to flat out represent a picture of clouds in a landscape! That is not what I do. That is quite frankly, scary. True, I use color and shapes seen the world around us, as cues in my work. Use of visual cues is my means to communicate with my dear viewer. Now artists get weird about this kind of thing. We have our body of work and we ask new questions but the questions are usually similar to the other questions we have asked. We don't typically stray too far from our neighborhood. I try to grow with each painting but I find myself in a similar territory most of the time. As an attempt to expand my boundaries, I decided to do the representational "cloud" series and change my methods. Rather than work on medium to large canvases (as usual) I chose small sized oil paper. I did use oil paint, but I did not use medium. I used palette knives as well as brushes and fingers and other means of spreading and controlling paint.

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