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These works draw from the deep and rich palette of emotive power, contrasting light and color to call forth the transcendence of light and the fragility of form.  Blending dark umber and Prussian blue creates a “black” that is an exploration of depth and richness of color, rather than its absence.  Each piece examines the relationship between dark and light, between shadow and reflection, between inner quiet light and outer brash light.

This honors what cannot be placed in words – an exploration of the immaterial realm, infinity, and formlessness – creating a still point within an ever-changing world.  These paintings invite the viewer to connect with and experience their own inner emotions.  They present a visual metaphor of our shared “beingness”, and invite us to experience the transitory nature of life, constancy of the great sweet darkness and warming light, to which we are continually drawn, and from which we continually move away.

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