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The paintings in this series are a more direct representation of everyday experiences of the sky or clouds or water. I had become aware of a drive within me to see if I could capture the impact of clouds and light on our psyche. These invoke a sense of timelessness, and tap into our collective consciousness via common experiences. I have chosen to reconstruct familiar spatial appearances, informed by the common experiences of weather and environment in order to evoke shared human emotions such as peace, joy, sorrow, and ecstasy and to engage the emotions of the viewer directly. The reaction to sunny days or rainy days is universal.
People who have purchased work from this series relate to me that  when they come across their painting in their house, they are able to suspend their regular internal chatter and find respite.  "It is like living near a beach," someone told me.  Depending on the time of day and the way the light hits the painting I can see something new whenever I pass by the canvas."

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