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I aim to make the reception of my work more accessible by using  common experiences.  I expect that all of us have spent some time gazing at the starry sky opening ourselves to awe.  All through history cultures have looked to the stars for answers.   Sailors used the stars to identify their physical position on the ocean. We look for understanding of our place in the universe, seeking meaning in our life, as we gaze at the vastness of the celestial sky.

This series focuses on celestial occurrences, through these paintings which express both a transcendence of light and fragility of form I am expressing the interior journey, the transitional state in which we all participate. In these paintings, there is an absence of defined forms. The forms and structure are insinuated. The absence invites the presence, the viewer actively participates in the creation of the presence which is called forth in each painting.

I am hoping that these works move you out of the limitations of your particular space and time toward transformation.

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